Swedish Center of Biomimetic Fiber Engineering
The Swedish Center for Biomimetic Fiber Engineering (Biomime™) is a multidisciplinary Center of Excellence with cutting edge expertise at every level of the formation, modification and industrial utilization of wood, fibers and their constituent polymers. Our Mission is the understanding of the structure, self-assembly, and properties of complex plant cell walls in order to use the cell wall as a bioinspired model for advanced materials design. Mimicry of the natural self-assembly of cell wall macromolecules has a high potential to contribute to the future development of intelligent nanomaterials.

Biomime™ was founded in 2006 with support from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) and comprises collaborative groups from the Schools of Biotechnology and Chemical Science and Engineering at The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), the Umeå Plant Science Center (UPSC) and Innventia.

Latest News

From organism to architecture

In the May issue of architecture magazine, Sveriges Arkitekter, architect Anna Maria Orru talks about biomimetics, "From organism to architecture". Anna Maria was one of the teachers in the Biomime Graduate School course "New Materials, New Design" a collaboration between by Biomime/KTH, Innventia and Konstfack. Read the article (in Swedish) here.


About Cellulose-Based Biomimetic at ACS

Prof. Harry Brumer from Biomime/Michael Smith Laboratories University of British Columbia and Prof. Olli Ikkala from Aalto University (a member of the Biomime Scientific Advisory Committee), participated in a press conference introducing their session on Cellulose-Based Biomimetic and Biomedical Materials at the American Chemical Society meeting March 26. You can watch the video here.


New packaging developed in a 24-hour race

In just 24 hours two cross disciplinary student teams managed to develop innovative solutions to how the forestry group Södra´s new biocomposite material DuraPulp can be used in food packaging. The result, and a winner, was presented at the ForestBeyond Innovation Day, held at Innventia Jan 18, where the forest industry and academia together tried to find new success recipes. Read more in Campi and KTH Näringslivssamverkan (in Swedish).


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Center Management

Director of the center
Vincent Bulone, Professor

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Harry Brumer, Professor

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Henrik Aspeborg, PhD